The P. G. Wodehouse Wiki is a wiki dedicated to the works of P. G. Wodehouse, these include, books, short stories, plays, and song lyrics. It will also include biographical material on Wodehouse and those important to his life, such as frequent collaborators Guy Bolton and Jerome Kern. There will also be listings for characters such as Jeeves and Lord Emsworth, Wodehouse places such as Blandings and Wryken, Wodehouse's themes such as aunts and crime. There will also space fore information on Wodehouse's numerous literary references and a dictionary to explain some of terms he used that modern readers may be unfamiliar with (such as fag in the school stories).

There will also be articles on Wodehouse fandom and scholarship. This will include information on the various Wodehouse Societies, books and articles of Wodehouse scholarship, Wodehouse biographies, and prominent Wodehouse scholars.

We will also list adaptations of Wodehouse's work into other media, such as film, television, radio, and theater.

Things To DoEdit

There is a lot to do here. Here are my top ideas. If anyone has any other ideas, add them to the discussion page.

1) Add more biographies. I was thinking of pages on specific part's of Wodehouse's life, like Wodehouse on Broadway, Wodehouse during World War Two, and Wodehouse in Hollywood.

2) More templates. I would like for certain categories to have a unified feel. I have already made templates for books by Wodehouse, albums of Wodehouse songs and books on Wodehouse, but many more are needed, such as short stories, characters, plays, lyrics, films, and television.

3) Add books under UK titles, put redirects under US titles. So far, I've added Love Among the Chicken, but even that could use a little work.

4) I would also like to add fandom pages for the Wodehouse Society, the P. G. Wodehouse Society, the Russian Wodehouse Society, etc.

5) Suggestions for content. Besides what I've listed here, I've considered adding sections on Wodehouse Themes, a Wodehouse Dictionary, lots of lists, bios of notable Wodehouse scholars, Wodehousian settings (Blandings Castle, Wrykyn, Hollywood, etc.), CDs with Wodehouse songs, etc.

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